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ADJ | New LunchBox for ADIDAS / Freudenberg / Markas 

“Eat and refreshes your mind”

October 2016 - FINALIST

Eat in way correct and relaxed in a pleasant place.

"As you will eat" you will check your physical and cerebral activity, you will eat in a correct way and you will relax in a completely absorbed place in the green. Technologies will help you monitoring your energetic consumptions and they will propose you a range of balanced menu. "Where you will eat" you will eat in ample and bright spaces, but also inside an intimate and protected place. You will relax yourself between the trees and a thick vegetation and in which technology will amplify the green sceneries: real projections, perfumes, control of the light and the sounds, to recreate almost real (a forest, a grassland, a jungles.) natural atmospheres.

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