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HLS | Home Competition 2021

“Làputa Skyhome” 

february 2022 - DIRECTOR CHOICE



This is a dystopian vision of the near future:

the earth, helpless, is witnessing the sequence of long pandemics and is constantly upset by the meteorological phenomena of a crazy climate.


Towns are abandoned: men seek shelter in new spaces and preserve their existence by changing their lifestyles and way of living.

The conquest points to the sky, in vertical ascent, where the air is less polluted and far away from the violent action of water on the ground:

man refuges at the top.

New forms of light and transparent houses rise to high heights, just above the clouds, almost suspended: the tie with the earth becomes increasingly thin, threadlike. The structure is thinned and becoming a sort of anchor.

Small houses with a circular plan deployed on several levels are protected by a thin glass bell whose internal partitions, made of fabric, allow flexible management of the rooms: it is a space, made of air, light, and color.

It is a delicate but sustainable mechanism, in an advanced nervous system, in which energy is self-produced by filaments waved by the wind and the water collected through a surface capture system.


The dawn is closer, as in a dream.

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