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LHF | Linear House Prefabricated

Fumagalli & CO | Personal Housing

december 2011 - prototype

Fumagalli & CO | Personal Housing


he is conceived as a great unitary space, bright, of ample breath, inside which you/they articulate the different domestic environments according to a free plant. 

The dialogue among the inside and the natural context is very narrow and tangible:

light and landscape are the hinges of the planning. 

Such aspect determines a dimension in notable length, long which unthreads a great and only glass door it turns toward the south side it allows a complete transparency and permeability toward the outside.

You contrasts a very compact and impenetrable (side north) front in which the entry is located: he/she is wanted to create an effect surprise, sequentially passing from a small and compressed (entry) space to a completely free and turned environment (the zone day) to the landscape.

The villa pursues a tent typology, free from traditional ties as pillars or corridors: the carrying walls determine the connection and the sequence of the inside spaces, pursuing a logic “boxes” Chinese, of environments inside other environments.

The technical area of the services is compacted together with the zone night, making her result as a unique block, also in the aspect, situated sideways and freely in the zone day. The wall north for all of its linear development is conceived as an only equipped wall characterised by an only closet.

The sequence of the spaces foresees an ample external space approached to the great glass door, where the wood is the material that he/she confers a clear connotation of it: deck in wood in the flooring and beams in wood to start as shading element; such space has subsequently enriched from a tub of linear water to I graze. The coverage is plain and welcomes an ample area relax constituted by a solarium to the open one, also it in wood, and from a playpen in a glass that looks at 360° the surrounding space, defined as an environment of relaxing, creativeness, reflection. The superior level is attainable through of the staircases both from the inside that from the outside.

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