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FLO | Floating Housing in Miami

“Green water village” 

december 2022 - OVERALL WINNER

Miami, future. The unstoppable climate change has caused the seas to rise: large portions of coastal cities are about to be submerged and there is a need to build new floating villages: new homes, new routes, and new ways of living and surviving. New places of aggregation are created in continuity with suffering cities: we must resist!

The project of the new floating village is conceived as a series of artificial islands: these are juxtaposed in a free, irregular, and sequential way, connecting Miami's coast / Legion Park with Picnic Island.

These are individual floating artificial islands (empty caissons technology), and irregular hexagonal polygons, all the same, but juxtaposed to form an irregular and organic network, opening different paths and views toward the interior spaces and towards Miami bay. Every single artificial island houses a prefabricated house in metal, wood, and glass, on one level or on two floors depending on the type of dwelling.

The aggregation of the island houseboats creates small ports for the landing of individual boats, while a continuous and sinuous wooden path connects all the units. The spaces and houses are enriched and characterized by spaces of relationship in which the theme of green is predominant: they are glass and metal cages with an irregular shape that host relaxing and meeting garden spaces that make the floating village. New technologies for capturing rainwater and humidity characterize these iconic volumes, and wind turbines and masts are positioned on their tops.

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