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EUR | EURegeneration in Rome

“Under Pressure”


This is the project of a break. A place that is a moment of stillness, rest, relax, recharge physical and mental energy. It ‘a nerve center in a historic site but at the same time modern and innovative: we see a mix of historicity, of rigor, of silence, between the image of the iconic and elegant tower buildings, and the quiet of nature, green, quiet paths where everything seems to slow down and measure citizen.
Outside the vortex.
The buildings that maintain their structural layout (columns, slabs and cores stiffening):
external stairs, clearly visible and strong visual impact, are maintained, albeit cleaned up and streamlined in their profile.
The new facades are never identical in the various buildings: there are differences between the buildings, and these differences are expressed through a changeable skin.
The peculiarities concerning the orientation (north/south), the elevations, the features contained, the view overlooking the spaces; the new facades emphasise and amplify these characteristics, giving the entire project a unique look, but image changes with the different views.
The idea is to sculptural strict volumes but finely crafted in their area. The verticality of very tight grooves and etchings inspired by the icon strict and elegant at Hera of Samos, with its elegant and sculptural drapery.
The realization of new expressive facades becomes a factor of primary importance: the overall image that you want to achieve is that of a sober and intervention “dried”, essential given the particularities of the site you opt for a severe style, but elegant, capable of giving a classic yet innovative buildings subject to intervention. The proximity to the iconic buildings of the EUR, and the interplay of visual relationships that are very tangible require an innovative intervention but respectful, able to give a new image but at the sometimes durable and well placed in the unique context. It ‘a logic that is opposed to a policy of intervention “shocking” and fashionable: it is the clash between the material, the plasticity and rigour, against the extravagance, the ephemeral and the appearance.
Therefore, the intent is to ensure a severe style, elegant, basic but changeable in the game given by different rhythms.

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