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KCH |  Kobenhavn Conference Hall


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April 2018 - Finalist

The project proposes the construction of a single building in which the Auditorium/theater and all the attached services are inserted; the idea is to define an urban space characterized by 3 distinct and overlapping places:

- the public square - park on the ground floor, exclusively pedestrian and permeable;

- the auditorium building, raised from the ground, and supported by a peristyle of pillars, enough to rise above the adjacent buildings;

- the service floor in which the Foyer, the Exhibition Hall, the Coffee bar, and all the services related to the auditorium are located: this floor is located above the great hall;

- the roof of the building becomes the large terrace overlooking the city, with an open view of 360 °.


The footprint occupies about the central part of the trapezoid square; there is an underground portion that has the function of storage, and which can be reached from the freight elevator on the ground floor.

Overall, the building has an innovative image concerning the historical context in which it is inserted; its geometry, completely suspended above the pedestrian square, is disruptive: the theater’s image is a large volume sectioned diagonally, with the most tapered side facing H.C. Andersens Boulevard.

This cut creates a largely empty and free space, taking advantage of the inclined section of the hall. The green on the ground floor is solid and made of medium and tall trees, to form a real urban park: there is also a raised path that allows users to take a hike through the trees. On this square, all the security stairs coming from above arrive and are concentrated between the rows of perimeter pillars.


The auditorium hall has an essential geometry and absolutely lightened by the services and the annexed functions: these functions are concentrated at the upper level. The large room has a completely open side towards the city: the height in which the spectator is located makes it possible to observe the city from a height above the neighboring buildings, and a system of darkening made of mechanized curtains allows the complete closure to light during the shows.


The floor above concentrates all the services, such as the foyer, the exhibition hall, the coffee bar, the toilets, and the staff offices: even, in this case, the rooms overlook the city enjoying the view from a share of about 40m. The foyer is centrally located concerning the arrival of the elevators, from where you can access the Theater: from this space, you can then access the cafè - lounge bar and the large upper terrace.

A straight ramp bent on itself allows access to the terrace: this is partially covered and open.

The large terrace has a stepped part that allows you to have an optimal view of the roofs and spires of the city: the floor is wood and there is the green (contained in pots) that enriches the space qualitatively: the altitude is about 43 m, therefore above most of the city's roofing, which represents the average level between the ground and the summit of historic steeples (H max 90m).


The sides of the building are characterized by rows of pillars with a slender and branched profile that tries to lighten their visual impact, especially in front of the side buildings: the shape of the pillars suggests the theme of “built-nature” that reconnects to the green park concentrated at the center of the square; the descent systems are concentrated between the pillars, with flights of stairs that cross and overlap.


Finally, the project proposes a single color for all the parts that make up the volume: it is a blue tint that recalls the color of the sky and which gives a sign of strong recognition to the place.

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